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Reddit Official: Trending News app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 2960 ratings )
Social Networking News
Developer: reddit
Current version: 4.1.0, last update: 3 days ago
First release : 07 Apr 2016
App size: 49.36 Mb

Get the official Reddit app to discover all the top trending topics, breaking news, viral videos, funny jokes and hot memes. The freshest content on the internet brought to you in one app, with infinite scroll, autoplay GIFs, and the fastest-loading interface of any Reddit app.

••• Thousands of communities •••

Looking for news? Check out r/news! Need some funny jokes? Head on to r/Jokes and pack a spare pair of dry pants. Or maybe you’re passionate about cats being scared by cucumbers. We are too, at r/CucumbersScaringCats!

There’s a Reddit community for anyone (and everyone) to share, vote and discuss just every topic imaginable.

••• Your personal content democracy •••

You can post it, you can share it, and you decide what is hot or not by upvoting and downvoting content. Get the socially curated, constantly updated feed of the news, fun stories, pics, and videos that interest YOU. Or see what interests millions of other users on r/popular.

Unlike other social networks, on Reddit you can be yourself with your Reddit profile and persona, disconnected from your real-world identity. So your mom won’t know you’re into r/knitting.

••• Un-bore yourself •••

Tired of mildly interesting content and monotonous updates on social media feeds? Find the stories and conversations that matter to you. From entertainment news and politics to fun DIY projects and cats (lots of cats) - create your own feed of subreddit subscriptions to never be bored again.

Pros and cons of Reddit Official: Trending News app for iPhone and iPad

Reddit Official: Trending News app good for

Smooth,Efficient,Low data consomation,This is the best and the one and only Reddit app.
Great app, works well, simple to use and allows you to easily browse Reddit.
Nice app. Good optimization and nice UI. If you are used to reddit, get it.
Perfect app for any redit user, would give it a rating of 5 as it is very easy and fast to access and understand everything.
The app is great, not too much advertisement, very useful and with a clever design
Overrall reddit app is great and reddit itself deserve 5* but the app need some tweaking, I often find myself using reddit throught safari to check some subreddit sections that simply doesnt open in the app. but thats the main thing i ran into

Some bad moments

Toggling hide/display password displays a different font from layout. Posts/comments that are neatly formatted in the browser version are a mess in the app version due to not handling html correctly. Overall, its good, but could be a lot better.
Another version, another popup. With every release the reminder to rate the app returns. It is amazingly annoying, and therefore deserves a one-star review.
This app would be a lot better if it didnt frequently complain that it cant reach Reddit. The internet connection is fine, so Reddit has some work to do.
This used to be my no. 1 app. Since the last update, the app wont stay open longer than 20 seconds before crashing.
The information density is a joke, and the "Casual" Subreddits are not preserved in the app. In addition, the "Sponsored Posts™" are insanely annoying, because it is NOT what I am browsing for. I will go back to Alien Blue because of them, and will never use this app again unless the ad posts are taken care of.
If this app ever manages to keep me logged in longer than a few hours Ill be blown away. Otherwise its terrible, buggy, and not worth your time.

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