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Appli parfaite



Appli très bien faite


Totalmente funcional





A whole lotta yas




Not open after update?

App doesnt open after last update on iOS 7.1

Daha ne olsun

A dostlar




Claro perfecto



Unable to login

Ios10, unable to log in. Says try again later((.




iOS 7.1.2

Sorry, please try again later. upd: до сих пор не исправили

Ottima ma manca la versione per iPad

Ottima, ma manca la versione per iPad

app good





Best place to spend my free time! Sticks to what I’m interested in reading or looking at!!

pretty bad

ads plastered left and right not to mention the ui completely broke my phone and I had to restart my phone🤢🤮😬


Is the god of internet. Undisputed champion!

Poor design and execution.

I only used this app for about 15min before deleting it. That's all I could take. Nothing is where it should be. It's terribly hard to figure out how to do the simplest of things( like collapse a comment thread so I don't have to scroll forever). Just like the newest web design, this is just hot garbage.

Great app

I love it I’m always on the road with my kids sports this is the only way I’m able to watch any game awesome love it

Bans Conservative Groups

Was in a group with 300,000 plus members and Reddit shut it down. Be careful.

Stop nagging me to download the app

The nags get worse and worse and worse on the mobile site. This is driving me closer to quitting Reddit all together. I don’t want to use the mobile app and all its associates tracking and ads and junk. Make the mobile site useable. Stop the nags and let me use Reddit in the way I want to and chose to without punishing me for it.


Pretty nice media. Just started but love it! 👏👏👏

Ok I guess

It’s alright

Annoying ads, auto play.

The most intrusive ads I’ve ever had on the app. Auto plays and sound is always louder than normal. So annoying I uninstalled it and will be looking for other reddit apps

Can be Educational Entertainment!

It’s a good way to either relax and look at pics of cute animals or funny posts or you can stay connected with local events or random news that are important to people. Thanks Reddit!

This application is HORRENDOUS.

Reddit please stop your guerrilla tactics of prompting me to download this awful app every time I visit It’s obnoxious and pointless, your application is not half as intuitive as narwhal or Apollo. Remove download prompts from reddit mobile at once.

Reddit - The Homebrew Has Finally Appeared

For those complaining about the new in-house reddit app and continuously comparing it to Alien Blue, I say, "shut the hell up." Alien Blue had its glory, but now there's a new man in the house. Reddit is so incredibly easy to use and displays things perfectly. They included the right amount of features, and preserved the ease of information access that the service itself stands for. ___ Update: It’s been quite a while after this app’s first release. Since then, Reddit itself has undergone many changes in the form of personnel, ideas and deployments to the webapp. I still love this app, and in fact prefer it to the “new” reddit.

Nice Work

You can tell that a lot of work had gone into this. The user experience is great. Love the direction reddit has been going lately. 6/5

Can’t block people

An essential feature of any social platform is to block people. Reddit offers it jut sometimes it doesn’t work and if you are lucky it does. Mostly not.

If only you were the best mobile client

Your notifications in Alien blue telling me to “view [sub reddit] in the official Reddit app for the best experience” is obnoxious. If you truly offered the best experience I wouldn’t still be using Alien Blue.



Can't mute or fullscreen videos

With the new update, I can no longer mute or full screen videos on iPhone. There is a banner that blocks those buttons. Not cool. Fix this!


I wish the website didn’t spam you so much to download this garbage app.

Stop the annoying mobile banner ads

I don’t want to be forced to use your app. Stop the obnoxious banners on the mobile website, and let us just use the mobile website.

Please stop asking me to use the app

The website is nigh unusable because of the pop up about the app. I do not have space to download the app. The website works just fine, barring the annoying pop up getting in my way and making it longer to load. I am about to stop using Reddit entirely because of this nuisance.

Day Maker

Reddit never fails to actually make me me LOL, and that is not the easiest of tasks.

I don’t want to use the app.

Just let us browse the website. Stop pestering us with annoying pop ups to open the app.

Copy paste please

Yo what would it take for me to get copy paste on direct messages on Reddit? Love the app updates but they need to just get some of the little stuff done


I used to think it’s for the fools

Doesn’t let you post anything.

Every time i try asking a question by trying any way possible, this automatic robot always messages me telling me it has deleted my post. Pathetic.

I love rebut app!

I love rebut app, because I use it before!

Love Reddit, it’s a must

Find literally anything you are interested in, and so much more! Fantastic app, fantastic software.

Stop badgering me

I like reddit the website. Stop asking me to use the app. I don’t want an app for every website!

I loved

The is one original page

Wee snaw

Wee snaw

Love it, has anything and everything!

It is my go to app when I am bored. Always something interesting, fun, surprising, happy, inventive, crafty, uplifting, sad, moronic, idiotic, creative, inventive, educational and many other things. Has something for everyone.

Stop nagging

It’s not going to happen. I don’t want your app. Stop breaking the website. Stop popping up nags every time I go to the site. Just. Stop. Yourself.


I’ve been glued to this app for only a week. I use while at school, I use it on the toilet, I even use it while the Red Sox are on, 5 STARS.


As a user of both the website and the app Reddit’s annoying attempts to funnel you from the website to the @“‘*%}^ app are getting ridiculous. You’re a website — stop trying to pretend otherwise

Worse than the web page

They force you to download this app on the web site by popping up an annoying nag screen before you can continue. I finally gave in and you can’t even minimize top level threads. Super disappointed that someone thought forcing you to download a substandard phone app would be a good idea.

The mobile site forced me to

Why even have a mobile site if you force users to download the app?

Application is non-responsive

Hasn’t been able to be used in at least a week now

Still Fairly Broken

I don’t know how you can release this many versions of an app and still not be able to make it work with your own video service. For a glorified custom web browser that only works with one site, it doesn’t seem to work very well. Freezes and scrolling issues are better but still present. The only good thing that can be said for this app is that it’s better than the website redesign.

Spoiler issues

Great app, mostly can’t complain. One little thing - whenever I click spoiler links to see the spoilers, I see nothing. Just get redirected to some blank page. Please fix this issue whenever you get the chance.

Video playback??

Youtube videos on iPhone cant be full screened anymore

Stop asking me to download your app

I don’t need another app when your mobile site works fine. But every single page load creates another pop up asking me to download the app. So now I have to use desktop version on mobile. Complete waste of a mobile site.

Why am I so late to Reddit?!

I’m obsessed lol. I was searching for Postmates promotions online one day and google presented me with a Reddit thread dedicated to them. Then I decided to see what else I could discover in this wide world of information, and now I’m hooked. I discuss TV shows on here, find meaningless funny stories, and tons of useful information. Idk what took me so long to get into it but I’m glad I finally found it. I love you, Reddit.

Solid with a few annoying design decisions

It would be 5 stars if not for this one gripe I have with it. The button to scroll to the bottom of a comment is right in the way of where my right thumb wants to go so I accidentally press it a lot and it’s really annoying. Also, marking a message as read is way too difficult, you either have to press the top right button and then another button coming from the bottom (very inconvenient for my thumb) to mark all as read OR click on the message and then swipe back to what you were doing before. Either way it’s two clicks for something that should be done in one click.


The best app to use while I'm in math class

App is great, but a setting that disables caching would make it better

I tended to use this on data, and it reached my data limit within a matter of hours. I simply don’t want to look at 4K photos and 1080p video. switched to another reddit app for now but if you make a setting that disables caching I would come back in an instant

I’m trying for a clan



Great app and service!

Love reddit

The best place to connect to a community of your interest.

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