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Juste ... Wow.







Wszystko działa jak trzeba :)

Świetna aplikacja

Wreszcie można dowiedzieć się wielu interesujących rzeczy.

W końcu

Nareszcie dobrze przemyślana i działająca aplikacja do Reddita, wszystko działa bez zarzutu :-)

W końcu natywna appka dla reddita

Dziala świetnie

W końcu!

Długo czekałem na oficjalna apke i w końcu się doczekałem! Działa super, polecam.

Jest ok.

Bez fajerwerków, ale o dziwo używa się jej lepiej niż Alien Blue.

używam codziennie

dobry program

Nice app

Just works!


Nice job


10/10 would download again


oppa gamer style

Music stops playing when viewing gifs

This is really ridiculous. I thought this was fixed a while ago. iPhone 6, iOS 11.4.1

Fix nsfw

Some communities show up blank

New update is awful

I know there were no major changes in the recent update but my app crashes constantly now. Like I can scroll for maybe 10 seconds before it freezes and crashes.

I like it

Very truthful


Since noon every time I open the app it can’t connect to reddit

Music problem

This app is fine, but recently I’ve had a problem where, if I’m listening to music and scroll past a (silent!) gif, my music will stop playing. This happens several times and I need to press the play button for my music to play again.

What happed to my upvoted posts?

I can’t find my posts that I’ve upvoted or the comments? That’s how I save my posts, it’d be awesome if those were back or maybe I’m missing something.

Love it so much

👏I love this so much

Fact check

A good place to balance the media reports. Intelligent and truthful articles

Gifs cause my audio to pause

This is a recent issue! Scrolling through reddit, if I come across any gifs, my podcast app or streaming music will pause.

Video is incredibly janky. Everything else decent.

As the title states. Videos and actually gifs as well never just work. Either the sound won’t play or the sound will play and the video won’t or it won’t play at all in the app. Edit: 7/20/18 Oh look, an update! Perhaps they fixed the video playback. Nope. Somehow the video playback is even worse after updating. Used to be able to get sound to play by pausing and restarting the video. Now even that doesn’t work sometimes.


It’s pretty neat.

Yung dalf

10 minutes post limit is not cool though

BIG Flaw

I refuse to use the app until they fix the fact that opening it up will pause any music or audio from playing anytime a video or even just a gif loads onto your screen, even if you don’t tap the video/gif to view or hear it.

Deleting the app due to forced use

The best way to search Reddit is still by using Google. However, every time a Reddit link is clicked in Safari, it force-opens this app. I’m not interested in having my face shoved in a bowl and being forced to eat like I’m a puppy in training, thank you very much. Let us choose how we want to interact with the site - that’s basically the appeal of Reddit in the first place.



Love the app

But it lags so much. You guys need to make it better no mobile users like myself.

Bring back the feature to view your upvoted posts.


iPad Failure

First time ever reviewing. Made me that angry. The app slows and then completely freezes after ten minutes of use. Only option is to hard restart the device. Reinstall did not fix the problem. I recommend Apollo instead.


Reddit video and imgur gifs stopped working all of a sudden

F**kin Dank

So much yes

Crashes instantly

Just downloaded this update and I can no longer open reddit, it crashes without even getting to the front page. Won’t even work when redirected from safari

Please fiissues

Gifs don't not play and app freezes all the time.

New User

New to Reddit, selected categories for articles and I am loving it!

Remove the pop up

I have given this poor rating because of Reddit’s advertising of their app on their mobile site that constantly pops up anytime you click ANYTHING on reddit. I have used this App. It is not as good as the mobile site and takes more battery. I went back to the mobile browser version and still receive countless pop ups on a minute by minute basis asking me to use the app. NO! I WILL NOT!!!!!

Best portal

Best portal to share interesting general stuff

Never going to download this app

Pinterest, Yelp, and now Reddit, this trend of compelling your site users to download your app (Reddit removing the option to stop the App pop ups on their mobile site) is annoying. I will not use your app and will use the desktop version of Reddit on my phone before thinking about making the switch to your app.

pretty good


Let me save pictures

App used to let me save pictures instead of sharing full post

Love it buttt

The only issue I don’t like it that i have to wait a certain amount of time in between posting/commenting till I can post again.

Iz goot

Iz beddy beddy goot.

pog 7

ggx subreddit best subreddit


Really great app, wish there was a tutorial for how to navigate though, sometimes reddit can be hard to read.


So much better than Instagram or any other social media. Don’t forget to submit your things for LWIAY!!!

Now this app stops my podcasts

I have adored this app, until it recently now stops my podcast because you presume you’re more important and you’re not.

Reddit is the best

Love it

Too many pets pics

It is an awesome app however I don’t want to see everyone’s animal photos all the time. It’s a cheap way of getting up votes and frankly I’m not a huge of fan of most domesticated animals to where I want to see them all the time. All I’m saying is good for you, but I don’t need to see it always on reddit. Maybe there should be a separate section or something. Xoxo

Below average app, very clunky and lots of bugs

Reddit is an incredible platform on which to discuss media/entertainment/information, but this app is pretty poorly built in my honest opinion. There are often bugs I come across in my everyday use, and makes it difficult to use. For instance, the hyperlinks within the app that link to another reddit page open in the “Reddit browser” rather than just opening themselves within the app, and makes it difficult to follow multiple mappings of links. Finally, I notice the front page often bugging out and being unable to refresh itself despite having a strong internet connection and no other issues. Please fix these very blatant errors and I’d be more than happy to give 5 stars.


I’ve finally landed on planet reddit in the dank memes system, located in iPhone Galaxy. It’s awesome.


The app is amazing. The only problem I have is I can’t get sound to work.




This is an app that supports anti Americans ideology and haters. As long as your a liberal, then you can post whatever you want, just don’t oppose the idiots running the show.

unusable while listening to music

Simply foregrounding the app will stop my music and podcasts. Please fix this! The mobile site is better.

What’s the point

Why would I keep using this app if every time I want to post anything it says the post has failed??? Makes me think the app developers don’t care at all about if the app works, I looked it up and this is a common issue for tons of people.


Text post use fixed tiny font. Horrible design.

better than 4chan

Is better than 4chan really

Only one

There can be only one!!! Best, most communal social media app out there. A true community.

good design but bad functionality

layout is great, very easy to use the app. but it crashes a lot and i can’t get gifs to load in high quality


Almost as good as 4chan but the kids are gay

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