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14 Dodaj


Juste ... Wow.







Wszystko działa jak trzeba :)

Świetna aplikacja

Wreszcie można dowiedzieć się wielu interesujących rzeczy.

W końcu

Nareszcie dobrze przemyślana i działająca aplikacja do Reddita, wszystko działa bez zarzutu :-)

W końcu natywna appka dla reddita

Dziala świetnie

W końcu!

Długo czekałem na oficjalna apke i w końcu się doczekałem! Działa super, polecam.

Jest ok.

Bez fajerwerków, ale o dziwo używa się jej lepiej niż Alien Blue.

używam codziennie

dobry program

Nice app

Just works!


Nice job


10/10 would download again

What’s up with gifs lately??

I love the reddit app and have never had any issues until lately. No gifs play for me anymore. The gif logo just keeps flashing but never loads. I’ve deleted and downloaded the app again as well as checking my connection but I’m still having the same issues!

My addiction went mobile

If you love Reddit you'll love this app. Now I can pass time on my phone even more than I already do. Yipee!




Best app ever


It is funny

One of the better apps

This app functions pretty normally. I like the easy layout. I also like that it doesn't crash often (but it does crash.) A little slower for my taste. Overall, a GOOD app. Not the best. Most definitely NOT the worst. I recommend it.

Almost perfect

The only problem is that you have to build up a fan base to have your shown

Great app for a great site

All the experience of Reddit in an awesome and concise place

Kills My Battery

I’ve re-installed this app several times and factory reset my phone, but it continues to eat my battery. The worst battery drain happened a few days ago and it’ll be my last till install the next app fix. I had a full charge starting at 1pm and by 8pm, I was surprised my phone shown at 1%. My usage was minimal using it to pick up one phone call and send short messages to a friend for a meetup. iOS battery usage was showing Reddit using 53%. I decided to use another app for now and my battery life has been lasting much longer with the same amount of usage.

Reddit is Reddit

It is what you think it is

Love reddit

Better than 9gag

Smart Invert

Needs support for Smart Invert.

Comment notification error

Latest update ruined this app. Everything is slower to load now. What a shame.

This review is best viewed in our mobile app

Reddit’s website is so obnoxious about trying to make you use the app. You’re a website — I ain’t going to use your cr*ptastic mobile app


The Reddit app is lovely




Great app!

Stop asking me to review.

The app is fine, but I'm leaving this review in the hopes that the app stops asking me if i'm enjoying reddit.

Won’t open, crashes.

Crashes immediately upon opening, fix the bug please.

Amazingly Fun!!!

I have fun communicating with others that have same opinions along with others proposing new ideas!!!

Good app

This is a good app

Great app! Only one issue

I can’t use the search option. Every time it shows up empty


Love it!!!

"Live" was an incredibly dumb option

The "Live" feature is horrible. It was even more stupid to completely get rid of the "NEW" option for it. Whoever made that decision needs to be let go. Considering this is the main issue I have since this is the issue I come across the most, 1 star until it's handled. Get rid of live or give the "NEW" option back

It's good

It's nice

love it but website needs work

Its confusing

A Bad Poem

Roses are red Violets are blue Please fix this app, there are so many bugs that cannot be unseen and the reddit video format is never playable for me and it glitches 2 seconds in and gifs load very slowly... stop making the alert thingy when going to the reddit website and please, just bring back alien blue.


Lots of good information here and great porn.

best app



This basically gives punk kids a voice to do whatever they want with no consequences its best to avoid this app they obviously don’t care what kinda content they have

Listen babe

This app is the best use of anyone’s spare time. Endless possibilities stop reading the reviews and just download it - brittney *****

Don’t want to use but forced

I’m rating it one star because the reddit website is really demanding you use the app. It’s really annoying. Now I can’t even browse unless I download the app since I don’t want to login on other devices in safari.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it


Annoying but effective way to get ratings

App helps me get my Reddit fix. Yay. But please stop asking me to rate again and again. Don't be clingy. Still here. Being asked to rate. Again. And again. And again. Freakin stop!!! Once again. Three months since last time. I like you. I swears. Please stop being so clingy. 1/18

Great App

Nailed it


Love it!

Reddit Don't change


New live update isn’t working

The new live option when viewing a thread is just not good enough. New comments specially on a big threads just pass by WAY too fast for me to be able to read it. Please bring back the new comments option and Ill update it manually!

Very slow to read posts

There is like a 2-3 second delay after tapping on a post before it opens up to read the comments, even on new iPad Pro.

Live Sort

I just came here to say that I absolutely love the new Live feature they just added. Allows me to sit in a thread and see live comments as they come in. I’ve been waiting for something like that on mobile. Perfect for r/hockey and r/NFL Game Threads. Love it!

Couldn't be happier

Pretty much the best thing ever. No complaints. Love reading you with my coffee in the morning.


How could you get through the day without Reddit?

Nice clean look

Love it

Better now

They added the left swipe to collapse comments which is key. Also doesn't crash very often. Good overall


great app... funny hot girls... what more do you need....


If you want an app that loves to crash frequently, you will love this app.

Love it

Love it

Great website and Great app

Looks pretty much just like the website and is easy to navigate. All around I just works nicely.

Love it

Love it


Night view mode is a life saver. Better than the online view

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