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Juste ... Wow.







Wszystko działa jak trzeba :)

Świetna aplikacja

Wreszcie można dowiedzieć się wielu interesujących rzeczy.

W końcu

Nareszcie dobrze przemyślana i działająca aplikacja do Reddita, wszystko działa bez zarzutu :-)

W końcu natywna appka dla reddita

Dziala świetnie

W końcu!

Długo czekałem na oficjalna apke i w końcu się doczekałem! Działa super, polecam.

Jest ok.

Bez fajerwerków, ale o dziwo używa się jej lepiej niż Alien Blue.

używam codziennie

dobry program

Nice app

Just works!


Nice job


10/10 would download again

This app is awful

The gifs and never work after a while, just stop working. My NSFW setting gets turned off every week so I have to change it on my laptop. This app is garbage, 3rd part apps are better.

Censorship at its finest

I’d leave Zero stars if I could. Censorship has ran rampant in reddit. No more gun discussions or subreddits allowed, no buy sell or trade for vaping, among many other things. Reddit isn’t what it used to be. Don’t download, find a new platform.

Spam and search function

Spammy ads come up every time I click on a link within the app. The search function might as well not exist at all, because it’s worthless.

Good app, but bugs plague it.

I like the app overall. I like the layout, the voting system, being able to collapse comments with a tap, etc. My problem is the bugs. After scrolling for 10-20 minutes gifs refuse to load/play. The app will freeze trying to open a text post. It randomly quits and sends me to the home screen, which is especially frustrating when I am deep in a post or have been scrolling through r/all for a while and I lose my spot. Please work on these issues!

New ads

I love using reddit, but the new ads that are disguised as posts are so annoying that they should be a crime that is punishable by death. Also the app recently logged me out for no reason at all.

It works....Barely!

Lots of things work. . . However lots of things don’t work! Such as- -Can’t change your password using the app -Can’t enable ns_fw content -The app will log you out of accounts seemingly randomly -The search feature (whether searching for subreddits, posts, comments etc) rarely works at all. I expect more from a large company like this


It doesn’t work.

No way to filter political crap

Needs a way for mobile to filter out the ever growing political crap that is becoming Reddit all day every day And now giving into anti-gun agenda it’s quickly becoming a black hole


App keeps constantly crashing since update iPhone X

Messages are Aggrevating

So annoying how I can never really message someone more than once in the inbox messaging system. Everytime I try I just get “sorry, please try again later”. SUPER ANNOYING as I’d like to be able to message a person past my first message to them!


Can we get an update please? There is a huge bug on mobile that stops gifs from playing. I have to close out the app completely and open it again. Really annoying. Fix this?

Ever heard of QA?

How can you guys not figure out how to get gifs to play?

Did you know...

That two MIT grads developed a formula to see which ads you’d like based on the apps you liked? Turns out I hate apps with tons of ads in them.

Reddit is a sellout

Reddit has sold its self out with their new policies.

Gifs never load

Gifs don't load and now reddit thinks it's okay to force their opinion on people. I don't support the NRA, I am on the left, but still it's abhorrent that Reddit will push its agenda on its own users, while claiming to still be a open to discussion website. Disgusting.


Predatory advertising using personal information like which subs you’re are subscribed to. Will be uninstalling and using a different app because the ads are becoming more frequent than posts.

Getting worse as time goes on

Used to be great. Recently it is full of ads everywhere. Really frustrating as it seems to be a new “feature” that was recently added.


What was once considered a bastion of free speech is now turning into a whitewashed groupthink and propaganda machine. Plus the app is unresponsive and crashes often. The UI is confusing and you’ll often get the little loading symbol followed by the Snoo with the X’s for eyes. I don’t recommend.

Why ads

Why did you suddenly implement ads into the app 😩 please don’t do this to us

All Subs are terribly moderated

Highly political echo chamber of liberals that go out of their way to ban you from subs you use because you use other subs. Screw this app it’s for kids and idiots.

Keeps Crashing

I’ve had this app for a couple of months and I LOVED it until the most recent update where it crashes after 5 minutes of use. Comments will also disappear as I scroll. It’s really annoying plus the ads are more frequent than they used to be and I’ve reported the same ad for spam about 10 times. I really like the interface but it still has some bugs that need to be worked out.

Dope app

Everything I need and then some. Download it now!

Great personalization

I like the ease of only seeing the subs I'm interested in. My go to entertainment and more app.

Just don’t have a different opinion

The ceo was caught editing posts of users who he didn’t agree with. They recently banned sharing content related to legal sales of fire arms through licensed dealers but it’s ok to openly talk about child molesting and how you are going to kill yourself. You can easily find extremism propaganda and how to enjoy illegal drugs. So if you dabble in kids or enjoy overdosing on opiates the app may be great for you!

Love the site, the app needs work

App crashes constantly, won’t play certain formats of gifs, randomly won’t go online, etc.

I’d give 0 stars if possible

reddit started banning subs that don’t even violate their policy. Until they can get off the bandwagon of what’s going on in the USA, I’ll be using another service.

Good app for browsing reddit, but it ends there

Facebook style clickbait ads. You literally just got me to uninstall it and go to a competitors app.

Intrusive ads

I enjoy the app in general, but the new ads they’ve put in are extremely intrusive and come up incredibly frequently, with some showing 3 ads in 5 posts. If this is undone I’d be happy to rate this higher, but for now it’s a bad experience.

Used to be a great place and a good solid app.

Reddit is now a steaming pile of censorship. Either you agree with their agenda or are banned. As for the app it’s outdated and clunky. Full of bugs. Maybe fix the app and not patrolling subs would benefit you.

Has Gotten Worse

Liked this app very much before, but they’ve made a lot of changes that has made it worse to use. Add to that more and more and more ads put in that are made to look like posts, and enough is enough. I’m moving on to a different app.

App doesn't even load

I have to constantly keep reloading the app when I open it up for it to actually load anything. I've tried it on my home wifi, other wifi networks, and cellular and nothing works.

Best app

Keeps me plugged in


While I initially liked it, this app has become garbage especially with the new “promoted advertising” which is disguised to look like a typical post. Do yourself a favor and use Apollo.

Sometimes doesn’t load

Good app but whenever I go on it I’ll give me the “sorry cant open reddit right now” even thought I’m on WiFi and data and I’ll have to close out the app by swiping up and trying again for it to work


Top notch

Great, but only if your political views fall in line.

Clear bias and agendas at work with banning of certain legal activities. Put it this way: you can find a drug dealer near you on r/trees... but you can’t buy inert brass shell casings from somebody near you because it’s scarily “gun related.” Good going reddit.

Took away some great American subs

Reddit is willing to let go of the great subs for political shilling.

Booo censorship

You can buy illegal drugs here but not post about firearm sales. Thanks Reddit

Reddit Does NOT Support Freedom

My favorite subreddit was recently delegated /r/gundeals for absolutely no reason after reaching over 130k subscribers. This was a place where people could discuss firearms related products and share ideas. No direct sales were conducted on this page. Reddit is run by hypocrites who fight for net neutrality, yet limit the speech of law abiding citizens they disagree with.

Highly advise against new users

Reddit has been on the decline for years and the admin team is currently on a witch hunt, refusing to communicate with communities and the moderators of communities, thriving groups of people, before taking them down. Meanwhile, multiple proven instances of hate speech, racism, and politically motivated trolling and dissension are ignored. A large hate group subreddit called /r/The_Donald is left to thrive. Don’t download this app, don’t support these changes for the worse.


Crashes quite I bit on my phone and a little buggy

Like it a lot

Fun thing to do when laying in bed.

Censorship has gone too far

I can’t support the unnecessary censorship of legal activities and marketplaces.

Det är bra.

Jag älskar Reddit så mycket.

Reddit has become a non inclusive censored mess

Reddit has begun banning subs that have anything to do with commerce of items the don’t like. Example is r/gundeals which was nothing more than a coupon page for lawful FFL’s is banned but r/gamedeals which posts coupons for games is not. They have begun to regulate any sub dealing with alcohol but have a crappy “wine” advertisement that you see every min while scrolling on the mobile app. Reddit is a waste.


As of 3/21/18, Reddit is censoring subreddits that have nothing to do with violence or illegal content, but allowing /r/TD to stay alive which actively makes threats of violence towards people. Aaron Swartz would be disappointed to see what the platform that he created turned into.

Bad add riddled app with a worse host

Not only will you be pestered with adds every other ‘post’ but the app is laggy and crashes. Not worth the download, if you want to see adds just watch reruns of Billy Mays. They will try every turn to get you to download this thing only for it to be awful. Find another way to view the content you’re looking for, hopefully in something that isn’t an echo chamber

This Is Wrong

Their new policy is absolutely ridiculous. I started using reddit more and more since the other social media giants were constantly scheming on everyone and I was tired of it. They have now enacted a policy change, wherein THOUSANDS of subreddit were abruptly banned and canceled without any kind of notice or warning at all. It seems as though they did this so that they could open their site up to advertisers and start making money. It’s really sad that they ended up going so low...:(

GIFS stop loading

gifs stop loading after a few... tried re-installing but to no avail. had to kill and reload app in order to have it going again. 256gb iphoneX edit: and stop masking ads as a reddit post you cheap tnuc ssa....

New ads cross the line

The new “promoted posts” are unreasonably intrusive and obnoxious. This is enough for me and several others to uninstall the app

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