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Juste ... Wow.







Wszystko działa jak trzeba :)

Świetna aplikacja

Wreszcie można dowiedzieć się wielu interesujących rzeczy.

W końcu

Nareszcie dobrze przemyślana i działająca aplikacja do Reddita, wszystko działa bez zarzutu :-)

W końcu natywna appka dla reddita

Dziala świetnie

W końcu!

Długo czekałem na oficjalna apke i w końcu się doczekałem! Działa super, polecam.

Jest ok.

Bez fajerwerków, ale o dziwo używa się jej lepiej niż Alien Blue.

używam codziennie

dobry program

Nice app

Just works!


Nice job


10/10 would download again



Just add multireddit support and I'll be happy!

Otherwise awesome app!


Crashes and is buggy. Not to mention non stop sponsored content.


Been having the app for quite a while now, never had any problems with it runs real smooth and I love the night mode!

Each update gets worse

The last few updates have nearly broken the app. -can't unfavorite subreddits (they just reset themselves to what I had before the updates) -opening reddit or clicking ANY post gives me a "sorry, please try again later" message, but loads just fine. -Constantly crashing for me now since the latest update. None of the bugs are fixed, but I keep getting new ones! I'll be switching to a third party app, I'm way too frustrated after weeks of this with no fixes.


Me too thanks

Almost perfect

Usually this app is amazing. But lately, maybe it was the last update, it freezes when I try to share certain images or links, from the app to say iMessage. Otherwise this app is perfect.

I love it

I love how everything looks and feels when browsing.

Good app

Fun to use

Supports scam pop-up ads

Be careful what you click on a scam ad pretending to be google giving away prizes barged through the IOS protection that prevents pages from opening even though I said I don’t want to open the page. I wonder what other security vulnerabilities you get exposed to by using this app....


Doot doot it's a great app. Works well but please stop asking me if I want to turn on notifications thanks.


Absolute garbage.


This is a quality application that provides quality entertainment.

i was informed by the machine to rate the app


Problem with highlight

Usually when I look at a Reddit post, it will go gray instead of white (I have it in night mode on phone). Lately, topics that I haven’t read or grayed and topics I have read are white. We need a patch for this.

pretty good app

i like it

Flawless reading, navigation functionality

Works smoothly!

Great app!

I love Reddit. It is probably one of the easiest ways o get memes and as such I think that the app has great potential, yet there are some bugs and issues to be wary of.

The best reddit app around but ...

I’ll be using Apollo till someone adds IPhone X support. Otherwise this is the app to use on IOS!

Not to shabby

Pretty good however could be smoothed up

Great app

I just wish there were long tap or force tap options to close and indent level

Great app/terrible font

I updated my app and it changed the font completely. The old font was much easier on my eyes, this new font drives me crazy. Will have to use Reddit through safari from now on.

Good app

Good Reddit app, just got into it and have no problems so far! It's free ! Just get it lol!

Amazing stories

I was thinking something in my mind these dsys and when I searched them on reddit, it is amazing to find out that so many people share the deeper understanding on the site. Some of them are pretty on point

It’s the best

Reddit can always make me laugh. I was feeling so depressed tonight seeing an ex with another guy and it killed me. Now I just want to die... but with a smile.

I was forced to download this

The mobile version of the Reddit website has been very limited for the past few days. For example, when I switch it to desktop mode to view a NSFW website, it just kept asking me if I was 18 or not and won’t let me view the subreddit. Out of frustration, I’m rating this a app one(no matter how much better they say this version is) since I felt like the Reddit devs has been forcing this app down to my throat by giving the other version inconveniences.


No complaints.

Reddit is love, Reddit is life

It's the front page of the internet and wonderful. Just download it.


Love it. Puts Facebook to shame.

Love this app

Great app for all kinds of gamers who want to get in touch with the community. Very user friendly


Volume up/down tones play through Bluetooth headset while scrolling though menus. Are you kidding me? UTTER GARBAGE MALWARE APP. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Good app but recently it's been crashing a lot randomly

Would give five stars but it's really annoying me with the frequency that it crashes. It didn't have this problem earlier so it will likely improve in the future but as of now it's not that great.


Features work, stories are great and most ppl on here are funny af

Thanks to my son

My son introduced me to Reddit and I can never thank him enough. The primary content is fascinating and when time allows I can immerse myself in sub-reddits. The internet will never be the same after Reddit.

Reddit is the greatest social media ever!!!

It has users that are everything scientists, doctors, and actors, all the way down to your stereotypical stoner. Reddit is a place for everyone! And it is amazing for it.

I love you

Good memes

Fun app

Like it

Love Reddit

Need I say more :p

Gr9, except for notifications prompt

Great! It’s improved a lot since previous versions, just wish devs would finally fix the recurring “enable notifications” prompt so that it only shows once and the options are “yes” and “no” as opposed to “yes” and “later.”

Constant authentic information and entertainment

The title pretty much covers it.

Not bad

Could be better

Alien Blue Crushes This App

With the iPhone X my beloved Alien Blue no longer functions. The ease of searching for subs, browsing, and managing two sets of subscriptions.. this app blows.


Not a huge fan of the new font (11-17) on mobile but yea still love reddit, my most used social media.


STOP ASKING TO ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS! I said NO. Next 100 times you ask it will still be NO. One star.


It's a decent app. A little glitchy from time to time but good.


They do censor some groups and that's not cool. Still best log site.

Search function is a mess

Don’t bother trying to use the search function, it’s virtually nonexistent. Great app otherwise.


It breaks videos. The sound plays but the image stretches and freezes

WAS a great app

Have to revise a formerly great review. Recent update has the app crashing one times out of ten when I load comments. Also boots me back to the top of the page when I reopen the app from the home screen after switching away for just a second. Frustrating

If you don't use Reddit you are a lower class in the human race

Reddit is where you find great underground news or a great place to laugh at ridiculous memes. Enjoy.

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