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Perfect app

All i wanted

Great app

Nice app

Quite the app.

Smooth,Efficient,Low data consomation,This is the best and the one and only Reddit app.

Finally a great Reddit app!

Great app, works well, simple to use and allows you to easily browse Reddit.


Nice app. Good optimization and nice UI. If you are used to reddit, get it.

Where is the iPad version ?

How can u make an App nowadays without an iPad version?

Good app

Perfect app for any redit user, would give it a rating of 5 as it is very easy and fast to access and understand everything.


The best app for Reddit on IOS so far!

Best app

Chronophage mais instructive. Tout ce quon aime.

Good — Spam.

The app keeps spamming "Please Turn On Notifications" message, probably twice a week. Please remove this alert — you should only ask it once, and iOS does that automatically on first launch!

Crash at launch after update!!

Im using iPhone 4. Please fix this fast...

Excellent and well designed

The app is great, not too much advertisement, very useful and with a clever design







Very useful

Reddit App

Overrall reddit app is great and reddit itself deserve 5* but the app need some tweaking, I often find myself using reddit throught safari to check some subreddit sections that simply doesnt open in the app. but thats the main thing i ran into

Spoiler tag finally fixed.


Simply the best

Reddit will add so much to your life. Give it a try.

A great App

It still has some bugs though.

  • send link to app